Reads a harmonized dossier, product of harmo_process(), to list processes, any errors, and an overview of each harmonization rule. The output printed in the console can help in correcting any errors that occurred during data processing.




A list containing the harmonized dataset(s).


Nothing to be returned. The function prints messages in the console, showing any errors in the processing.


A harmonized dossier is a named list containing one or more data frames, which are harmonized datasets. A harmonized dossier is generally the product of applying processing to a dossier object The name of each harmonized dataset (data frame) is taken from the reference input dataset. A harmonized dossier also contains the DataSchema and Data Processing Elements used in processing as attributes.



  harmonized_dossier <- Rmonize_DEMO$harmonized_dossier

#> - STATUS SUMMARY: ----------------------------------------------------
#> # A tibble: 1 × 3
#>   `Mlstr_harmo::rule_category` `Total number of algorithms` success
#>   <chr>                        <chr>                        <chr>  
#> 1 id_creation                  1                            100 %